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Defibrillator installed at Rockwater Hove in memory of paramedic

Defibrillator installed at Rockwater Hove in memory of paramedic

FRIENDS and family of a much-loved paramedic gathered to unveil a defibrillator in his memory.

Jim McKeough, a Brighton paramedic for 13 years, died in a motorcycle crash on February 3, 2020.

To remember the “amazing” medic, colleagues from the South East Coast Ambulance service (Secamb) joined his family and friends to mark the installation of an AED (automated external defibrillator) at Rockwater in Hove.

His widow Paula McKeough-Lea cut the ribbon, which has been installed near to Jim’s Place – one of Rockwater’s beach hut bars, named in Jim’s honour.

Angélique van Gils Henderson, an associate ambulance practitioner (AAP), said the defibrillator is a fitting way to remember Jim’s life-saving work.beach huts

She said: “Rockwater, myself and Secamb got some funds together to organise the defibrillator.

“I think Jim would have been very happy and Paula certainly was. We try and do what we can for the community, and this just fitted perfectly.

“To see Secamb and Rockwater working together, it seems very fitting for Jim.”

The defibrillator is now live, and can be used by members of the public during life-threatening emergencies.

Angélique said: “If someone does go into cardiac arrest, you have a very short period of time to get that heart started.

“It’s a scary thing, but I think what’s happened is people want to help more and they have become more neighbourly during Covid.

“For that reason, I think people are trying to help each other a lot more. Defibrillators can be quite expensive but they’re a good thing to have.

“I think most places that have a lot of people frequenting them should have one.

"We’ve all seen the good they can do and I’ve seen on a weekly basis what can happen when they are used properly.

“I think people are wanting them around more for that added feeling of safety.”