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Ohio teen suffers cardiac event

Ohio teen suffers cardiac event

CINCINNATI (WXIX) - A high-school student is fighting for her life at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center after suffering a cardiac event after school.

Ebonie Sherwood is a student at Stebbins High School in Montgomery County.

Her mother, Beverly, says her daughter is a multi-sport athlete and a high-achiever off the field who mentors her peers and always looks out for others.

But on Tuesday, she relied on others to look out for her after she started feeling ill at track practice.

“She went in to see her trainers and literally collapsed into their arms,” Beverly said.

The trainers quickly jumped into action, starting CPR and using an automatic external defibrillator.

“They literally saved my daughter’s life with the skills that they’ve been taught,” Beverly said, “so I could not be more appreciative of them.”

Beverly says an AED was used more than five times to restart Ebonie’s heart before she was transported to Dayton Children’s Hospital. She has since been moved to UC Medical Center, where she is stabilized in critical condition.

There’s been an outpouring of support on social media under the hashtag #ebonieisafighter.

“We’ve had people from other states reaching out to us... Riverside, Stebbins High School, Mad River School District... teachers, staff, students... Everyone has just been phenomenal with the support and encouragement,” Beverly said.

Beverly adds going forward, she wants AED usage and CPR training to become commonplace.

“One of the biggest things that I’m advocating for is every public space should have an AED machine,” she said. “It literally saved her life. And learn CPR. It’s a skill that nobody ever wants to have to use, but it can literally save someone’s life.”