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Two lives saved thanks to workplace AEDs

Two lives saved thanks to workplace AEDs

Two lives saved thanks to workplace AEDs

By Vanese M. Ferguson Mar 31, 2022 | 12:09 PM

Medavie Health Services West says two lives were saved over a span of 11 days because they had an AED on site.

On March 16th paramedics were called out to the Granite Curling Club where a 46 year old man was in cardiac arrest and staff used the AED to deliver one shock. The patient was taken to RUH responsive and stable.

On March 27th, paramedics were called to a man in cardiac arrest at Saskatoon's east side Costco location and before paramedics arrived, staff had used their AED to shock the patient 3 times. The patient was conscious and alert en route to RUH.

Troy Davies oversees the Heart Safe Program for Medavie and says it is truly amazing work by staff at both businesses. "There is no question that these bystanders saved the lives of these gentlemen. The program did what it is supposed to do, but you still need the people element to use the AED and provide CPR."

They plan to recognize those involved during Paramedic Services Week in May.

Medavie Health Services West says the Saskatoon Heart Safe program has now saved 37 lives since its inception in 2004, this is the most per capita in North America. Currently there are over 1250 businesses enrolled in the program.