Recall: Philips Corrective Action Letter

Have you received a letter from Philips regarding a Corrective Action?

If you received a letter from Philips regarding a Corrective Action for the Philips HeartStart OnSite, Philips HeartStart Home, or Philips HeartStart FRx AED please read below for instructions to follow for your next steps.

I received a letter from Philips, why?

Receiving a letter means that records show you are the owner of one or more Philips HeartStart FRx, HeartStart OnSite, or HeartStart Home automated external defibrillators (AEDs) manufactured between 2002 and 2013.

Here are samples of the letters in question:

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Is my unit affected?

Philips AED Models: HeartStart FRx, HeartStart Home, and HeartStart OnSite AEDs manufactured from September 2002 through February 2013 are included within the scope of this notification because they may contain the type of resistor that has previously been associated with a failure. The year of manufacture can be identified by the 2nd and 3rd characters in the serial number on the back of the AED in the range:

  • Home/Onsite: A02I-xxxxx through A13B-xxxxx
  • FRx: B04L-xxxxx through B13B-xxxxx

However, if your device was manufactured in 2013 and the 4th digit is the letter “C” or later (D, E, F…), it is not covered by this recall. For example, A13G‐02375 is not covered by this recall because it does not contain the resistor associated with this recall notification.

What do I do next?


1-800-263-3342, option 5


I called Philips and was told that my unit is…

Option 1 - Under warranty AND an affected unit:

If your device is covered by this notification and is still under warranty, you are entitled to receive a refurbished exchange unit at no cost, in accordance with Philips’s standard warranty terms. Philips will be handling units that are under warranty and an affected unit directly. BERRN Consulting will not be providing any action for units under warranty and affected as this will be dealt with direct to replace your unit if you desire.

Option 2 - No longer under warranty AND an affected unit:

If your device is no longer under warranty or if you desire to purchase a newer model replacement for your present AED that is affected by this corrective action, as an owner of a Philips HeartStart FRx, HS1 OnSite, and HS1 Home AED manufactured prior to 2013, you may be eligible for a trade in rebate. Philips is offering trade‐in rebates ranging from $65 to $800, depending on the age and model of your AED.

At this time, you can contact us at 1-877-233-8288, option 1 for customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

*Please note, we require that you have already called Philips at the number provided above, and have confirmed with Philips directly that your unit is no longer under warranty AND is an affected unit by this corrective action in order to begin the rebate program. *