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CPR-D Demo Pad
Product Code: 8900-5007

CPR-D Training padz®, ZOLL's unique system, allows users to simulate electrode application and hand placement for CPR. When used for CPR manikin practice, the AED Plus® Trainer and CPR-D Training padzhelp train users to perform CPR with the correct compression depth and rate.

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I want to thank you for your good service. We received the orders (AED and cabinets). I was really happy to receive the free gift, I use a lot of those and it's one of my fav gift to receive. I also appreciate the time you took to send me a personal message. You're the best.

Haché, Sopqhie


CPR-D Demo Pad (TO BE USED WITH CLINICAL UNIT ONLY). Includes one CPR-D Demo Pad (with Velcro strips for attachment to manikin) & y-cable with intelligent CPR puck & connector for simulator.