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HeartSine Samaritan Pediatric Pad-Pak
Product Code: PAD-PAK-02

HeartSine Pediatric AED Pad-Pak. Compatible with the following AED models:

  • HeartSine 350P
  • HeartSine 360P
  • HeartSine 500P

The Heartsine Pad-Pak-02 , pediatric pad-pak, is an all-in-one cartridge containing a pair of single-use electrode pads and the system battery. Pad-Paks are provided with a 4-year expiration date from the date of manufacture.

This Pediatric Pad-Pak is for patients less than 8 years old and/or 55 lbs (25 kg) or less.

Heartsine Pad-Paks must be replaced after use or once every 4 years regardless of use. An expiration date is marked on the pads cartridge.

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I have forwarded your company info about the ZOLL Plus AED and I told them about your excellent customer service and prompt shipping. Thanks again for your help with my mannequins, could not believe how fast they were shipped/arrived.

Judy P


HeartSine has taken an innovative approach to maintenance items by incorporating the AED batteries and pediatric electrodes into one single-use cartridge called the Ped-Pak. The advantage to the Ped-Pak is that there is only one date to monitor and only one item to replace on expiration or after use.

Each Ped-Pak has an industry-first 4-year life, and provides 60 shocks or 6 hours of continuous monitoring. When battery power is down to 10 shocks or less, the HeartSine Samaritan AED emits an audible prompt.

The Pediatric-Pak is pink in color and is for patient’s age 0-8 years old