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PRESTAN PRO+ Adult Head Single
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Replacement PRESTAN PRO+ Adult Head single Includes 10 PRO+ Adult Lung Bags, 10 PRO+ Face Shields

Using the same trusted design of the Prestan Professional Manikin, the NEW PRO+ Adult Manikin head design offers a functional nasal airway and improved lung bag design, for fast and easy installation!

When administering breaths, the chest will rise only when proper head tilt chin lift is performed and the nose is fully pinched.

When lubricated properly, a nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) can be inserted through the nose to simulate opening the nasal airway during training

Color: Medium

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Replacement PRESTAN PRO+ Adult Head 4 Pack Medium Skin. Includes 10 PRO+ AdultLung Bags, 10 PRO+ Face Shields