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Life/form® S.A.L.A.D. Simulator
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I had the pleasure of being supported on the phone by Nicole and Jacqueline today. Both were very attentive and understanding of my questions. They were full of knowledge and were able to make recommendations and suggestions to our office needs. By far one of the most excellent customer services out there! Koodos!

Jason Pinto


  • Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination
    (S.A.L.A.D.) simulator uses suction to enhance first pass
    success-laryngoscopy (FPS-L) with a non-anesthetized patient in active
  • Simulates a non-anesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, and suction
  • Practice oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as E.T., E.O.A., P.T.L, L.M.A., Combitube®, and King System insertion
  • Permits suction techniques, and proper cuff inflation with active emesis
  • Anatomy and landmarks include teeth, tongue, oral and nasal pharynx,
    larynx, epiglottis, arytenoids, false cords, true vocal cords, trachea,
    esophagus, and cricoid cartilage
  • Offers room to maneuver and a slightly anterior position, making
    the simulator great for introductory classes as well as advanced
  • Apply cricoid pressure to change the position of the trachea and close the esophagus
  • Rigid suction catheter distracts lower mandible and tongue to permit laryngoscope insertion
  • Realistically practice the Sellick maneuver
  • Features durable, rugged, 1-piece construction
  • Manual carotid pulse
  • "Airway Larry" Adult Airway Management Trainer Head
  • Suction canister with 2 right-angle tubing adapters
  • Gallon container with hand pump
  • Two simulated latex-free lungs
  • Thickener
  • Rigid suction catheter
  • Two 3-ft. lengths of clear vinyl tubing
  • Pump spray lubricant
  • 5 red caps with white fittings
  • Tubing couplings
  • 5 pinch clamps
  • #10 spanner bit
  • Carrying case with handle
  • 5-year warranty