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FirstAED Canada

FirstAED Canada

FirstAED Canada is an intelligent and integrated first responders alarm and AED management system that is currently used by dispatch centres for managing professional and volunteer community First Responders, CPR trained bystanders and AEDs. FirstAED™ Canadian National AED Registry™ is the first Canadian national database resource specifically designed to help improve sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rates by rapidly linking automated external defibrillators (AEDs), AED users and SCA victims. FirstAED is the perfect addition to the existing emergency response systems. When there is an emergency call where speed matters, e.g. cardiac arrest, FirstAED can dispatch nearby first responders in addition to the paramedic rapid response units and ambulances. The system ensures faster response times and high quality in life-saving operations.

FirstAED Canada has the complete infrastructure for emergency dispatch centre for alarming Community First Responders and CPR trained bystanders:

  • GPS locating of the Community First Responders and CPR trained bystanders current position
  • Location of the AED’s
  • Team work and roles for the Community First Responders and CPR trained bystanders
  • Road directions
  • Community First Responders and CPR trained bystanders case reporting
  • Intelligent AED management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use administration interface
  • Integration with other systems / dispatch centre systems
  • Available on iOS, Android and Windows
  • (also available in the USA)

For more information and technical specifications please to contact us.

Only Available In North America from AED4Life